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About me


Young guy, self-taught. Definitely gets things done. Can I go remotely?

I’m a 26-year-old guy, graduated in Information Security at University of Lisbon. I’m currently working as a Security Engineer in Barcelona as to improve my technical skills, since my previous position was more compliance and networking oriented.

I first got in IT because I truly believe that technology was always meant to save time to humans, so whenever I can achieve this “philosophy” either at work or with personal projects, I really feel fulfilled. As far as my experience goes, Information Security fits in this mindset.

The most valuable thing that I learned since I started my InfoSec career was to be more and more self-taught, which allowed me to grow as a professional and also deliver multiple projects using technologies that I never used before.

I’m currently looking for a challenge that fits in this mindset and also that allows me some work-remotely flexibility.


Reverse Engineering
ISO 270001
Risk Analysis
VoIP Systems


Learning Spanish
Getting back to climbing