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Top 3 Cheap Seedboxes Of 2023

· 11 min read
Dennis Ruto

Are you looking for the best cheap Seedbox? You have come to the right place.

Top 3 Cheap Seedboxes Of 2023

Choosing the best cheap seedboxes is more than just the price. You need to consider the value, specifically in the features they offer. Generally, the right Seedbox uses P2P technology with a BitTorrent client in downloading or uploading the data. A seedbox is a dedicated server with a built-in VPN for anonymity and improved security.

But there are so many seedbox providers today that choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Luckily, that should no longer be a problem, we are here for you. We will be sharing everything you need to know about the cheapest seedbox provider and how to choose.

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1. GigaRapid Seedbox

It's crucial to find a seedbox company that offers the best prices with top-notch features and applicable experience. GigaRapid is such a service. It has rapidly grown into one of the most trusted budget seedbox service providers with a focus on quality and functionality.

Whether you want to get files from a Bittorent Network or to look for the best cloud storage, you can be sure GigaRapid will satisfy you. It offers unique and premium features. Installing the Seedbox on your device opens up access to strong bandwidth with more than 90 popular applications.

One of the best features you will love is the internet speed. Not many providers promise and deliver speeds of 1Gbps to 10 Gbps – GigaRapid does it from its Netherlands data center.

The server

There are many servers hosted by GigaRapid, which keeps the performances optimized all the time. You can use it on multiple devices, and it will offer the same experience. It's perhaps the most useful cheap Seedbox you will come across.


No matter how good a seedbox service promises to be, it will only make sense with good security. And that is why GigaRapid has invested heavily in high-security and secure encryption. You can access any files in HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV without worrying about data interception from your ISP.

Sync files using the BitTorrent network from the private server or stream them easily. The Seedbox offers a free VPN, keeping you secure and untraceable. So, whatever your needs, GigaRapid has got you covered.


A good seedbox provider is often described by its compatibility, aside from the features mentioned above. It should work on various devices and torrent clients. That is what GigaRapid promises without taking up too much disk space in your device.

GigaRapid also comes with Google Drive integration that allows you to download files and share them with other members of your team. It can never get any easier.

It provides rTorrent/ruTorrent as their torrent client among other options, promising various features. This offers internet users with more options for a safe and reliable environment.

Customer support

It's perhaps the customer support team at GigaRapid that makes it more attractive. You can also get quick help whenever you need it as the friendly team is always ready to help customers.

+ Pros

- Cons

  • Monthly bandwidth limits on upload quota

  • You must install the remote desktop manually

2. RapidSeedbox

RapidSeedbox logo

Most seedboxes tend to offer great download speeds as part of their strong points. RapidSeedbox is no different, although it goes on to provide the largest collection of VPS plans. It's such offers that make it one of the most reliable seedboxes on the market today. Connecting to RapidSeedbox promise maximum network speeds of 1Gbps and 10 Gbps.

Here are some of the features that would make it a great alternative:

Customer support

Rapidseedbox has one of the most advanced customer support systems, which makes it stand out from the other seedboxes. The ticket system on the platform assures 24/7 client support. It allows for a seamless operation where every customer gets equal treatment.

It only takes a few minutes to get a response compared to other service providers. A user community is also present to help you deal with certain issues much faster.

Connection speed

The Seedbox offers various internet connection speeds, allowing users to choose plans that fit their budgets and specific requirement. At the lowest end is the 1Gbps speed for downloading files that are not too heavy. And on the other end is 10 Gbps speed for heavier files. It's this high-speed connection that crowns all the features of this Seedbox. Whatever speed range you choose, you won't have to pay extra on your plan.

Hosting plans

The number of hosting plans a seedbox provider offers is another crucial consideration. Rapidseedbox has various plans with different HDD space, bandwidth, and connection speeds. Depending on your needs, you can choose between 512GB and 5.6 TB.

Also, a seedbox operates in a manner that allows users to install various apps on their devices. Aside from that, you get constant bandwidth and internet connectivity without paying for high-speed connection or increased bandwidth.


Security and anonymity are among the most crucial considerations when choosing a seedbox service. You may have high speeds and a larger maximum size of files that can be downloaded - but it will not matter if you are not well protected.

Rapidseedbox uses a public IP address with VPN services on a remote server. This keeps high speeds connection while allowing the user to download and upload various files safely.

In short, Rapidseedbox uses high-end security and top encryption, allowing you to access different file formats safely. You should enjoy an easy connection and a more relaxed environment to sync your files.

+ Pros

  • Excellent user-friendly interface

  • Incredible customer support

  • Good speeds and complete privacy

  • Good features – easy download, top-notch security, complimentary VPN, a one-click installation, etc.

- Cons

  • The monthly cost of some packages is a concern for many

  • It does not have plex streaming and similar streaming apps on budget plans.

3. HostingBy.Design

Hostingbydesign logo

Suppose you are looking for the most reliable VPS with dedicated storage drives, HostingBy.Design should be a perfect choice. The company promises one of the most affordable seedboxes on the market with a money-back guarantee.

Here are some of the features that make it a great alternative:

The servers

Unlike most seedbox services we have reviewed in the past, HostingBy.Design uses high quality dell/supermicro servers that offer incredible strength and speeds. This allows the user to download remote files easily on different devices. Connect to your home computer, and you are ready to start downloading content. It does require registration and login, but the process is quite simplified.

Affordable plans

The company offers professional and affordable app hosting services starting from as low as 5.95 Euros per month. The most popular package is the 9.95 Euros monthly package that offers all the best features that allow any seedbox to work efficiently.

The mid-high end package is perhaps the most recommendable, especially the dedicated 18TB shared box. It might seem a bit higher on the price, but you get more in terms of value.

Storage and data

HostingBy.Design offers a capacity from 4TB to 10TB, depending on the package. The hosting application package includes SFTP access, allowing users to retrieve files in an encrypted form very easily. The availability of high-storage clusters and non-shared disks with guaranteed performance brings you a very reliable seedbox.

A huge selection of apps

HostingBy.Design prides itself in offering several options for app hosting. The packages come in different pricing, where the company claims to focus more on value. It's compatible with Google Drive for easy sharing of files (via a free extension or app). This is quite useful for users that have a lot of data and requires safe cloud storage and sharing.

Security and network speed

The Seedbox uses high-security encryption to keep you safe while streaming content or downloading large files. The company aims to ensure its customers remain anonymous on the internet, and hence, the integration with free VPN.

Choose from various speeds ranging from 1Gbps to 10Gbps to meet your needs. The speeds are more reliable on the premium packages, though. And with the easy sign-up process, you won't have any trouble finding your preferred package.

The reliability of the Hostingby.Design is guaranteed through its own multi Terabit network. The state of art Nokia networking gear with a fully redundant backbone linked to various tier 1 transit providers ensures consistency and strength in connection.

Customer support

HostingBy.Design has invested heavily in customer service, ensuring you get assistance at all times. The 24/7 system is accessible through different channels, including web chat, social media, and customer community.

+ Pros

  • Excellent internet speeds

  • Dedicated servers with high and secure storage

  • Easy to use

  • Affordable packages

  • Reliable

- Cons

  • The price may be a bit overwhelming for beginners

  • It works better for web hosting customers

Cheap Seedbox Providers In-depth Feature Comparison Chart 2023

Price Range€0.98 - €42.95€7.00 - €55.00€5.49 - €59.95
Storage Range200GB - 8TB1TB - 5.6TB600GB - 16TB
Network Speed Range1Gbps - 10Gbps1Gbps - 20Gbps1Gbps - 40Gbps
Bandwidth Limit Range350GB - 30TBUnmetered FUP Limit: 3TB - 25TB*10TB - Unmetered FUP Limit: 10PB*
ISPLeasewebLeasewebLeaseweb & Nforce
Server LocationsNetherlandsNetherlands & FranceNetherlands
VPN Apps✓ OpenVPN | Eco AF20+ Plans ✓ WireGuard | Eco AF20+ Plans✓ OpenVPN | Premium Series ✓ WireGuard | Lean Series✓ OpenVPN | Regular & Storage Series ✓ WireGuard | Appbox Series
General Streaming Apps✓ Plex | Basic+ Plans ✓ Emby | Gold+ Plans ✓ Jellyfin | Gold+ Plans✓ Plex | Stream+ Plans ✓ Emby | Stream+ Plans ✓ Jellyfin | Stream+ Plans✓ Plex | Appbox Series ✓ Emby | Appbox Series ✓ Jellyfin | Appbox Series
Audio Streaming Apps✓ Airsonic ✓ Mstream ✓ Subsonic✗ Airsonic ✗ Mstream ✓ Subsonic✗ Airsonic ✗ Mstream ✗ Subsonic
Multimedia Apps✓ Avidemux ✓ Handbrake ✓ MakeMKV ✓ MKVCleaver ✓ MKVToolnix ✓ TinyMediaManager ✓ TsMuxer✗ Avidemux ✓ Handbrake ✗ MakeMKV ✗ MKVCleaver ✗ MKVToolnix ✗ TinyMediaManager ✗ TsMuxer✗ Avidemux ✗ Handbrake ✗ MakeMKV ✗ MKVCleaver ✗ MKVToolnix ✗ TinyMediaManager ✗ TsMuxer
File Transfer /Sync Apps✓ FileZilla ✓ Jdownloader 2 ✓ PyLoad ✓ Rclone ✓ zoomuploader ✓ Syncthing ✓ Resilio-sync✓ FileZilla ✓ Jdownloader 2 ✓ PyLoad ✓ Rclone ✗ zoomuploader ✓ Syncthing ✓ Resilio-sync✗ FileZilla ✗ Jdownloader 2 ✗ PyLoad ✓ Rclone | No mount support ✗ zoomuploader ✗ Syncthing ✓ Resilio-sync
Ebook Apps✓ Calibre ✓ Calibre Web ✓ Ubooquity ✓ Komga✗ Calibre ✗ Calibre Web ✗ Ubooquity ✗ Komga✗ Calibre ✗ Calibre Web ✗ Ubooquity ✗ Komga
Web Browser Apps✓ Firefox✓ Firefox✗ Firefox
File Manager /CloudStorage Apps✓ Nextcloud ✓ Pydio ✓ Filebrowser ✓ KodExplorer Lychee✗ Nextcloud ✓ Pydio ✗ Filebrowser ✗ KodExplorer ✗ Lychee✗ Nextcloud ✗ Pydio ✗ Filebrowser ✗ KodExplorer ✗ Lychee
Torrenting Apps✓ rTorrent ✓ Deluge ✓ qBittorrent ✓ Transmission✓ rTorrent ✓ Deluge ✓ qBittorrent ✓ Transmission✓ rTorrent ✓ Deluge ✓ qBittorrent ✗ Transmission
Total Apps Count90+51+21+
Root AccessYes - Mini+ PlansYes - Premium SeriesNo
SSHYes - Mini+ PlansYes - Premium SeriesYes - Appbox Series
SFTPYes - Mini+ PlansYes - All PlansYes - All Plans
Direct HTTP File AccessYesYesYes


If you had an issue choosing cheap seedboxes in the past, this guide should help. We have shared three most reliable services that should get you started immediately. The choice depends on your preference, but keep in mind the key factors like the plans, security, unlimited bandwidth, and general features.

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