Affiliate Program

Our affiliate partnership lets you earn money by referring customers to us.

You will earn a commission equivalent to 10% of the payments made by customers you refer, for the entire duration they remain our customers.

For dedicated servers or similar products, commissions will range from a minimum of 2.5% up to a maximum of 10% of the total payment.

The minimum payout is €20 with commissions delayed by 180 days to prevent fraudulent orders.

We do not pay any commission for trial/demo plans.

Commissions are generally paid thorough Paypal. We can also try to payout using webmoney/bitcoin whenever possible.

Activating your affiliate account is very easy. Simply register an account with us, navigate to the affiliates page, Click activate affiliate account.

A unique link will be generated that you can post online to social media, forums, blogs and your own websites. This unique link will track your conversions.

Acceptable ways to share your affiliate link: Feel free to share it with friends and family, post it on various social media platforms or forums, and more.

Unacceptable ways to utilize your affiliate link: Please refrain from submitting it to coupon websites, engaging in spam across any platform, resorting to click farms or low-quality click-through services, and similar activities.

Excluded Products: GigaDrive Eco Series. Please be aware that commissions are not currently offered for any of the GigaDrive Eco Products (e.g., Eco AF10, Eco AF20, etc.).

We reserve the right to update our Affiliate Terms of Service (TOS) at any time.

Affiliates are expected to stay informed about any changes to the TOS by regularly visiting the designated page. The last update to this page was on March 6th, 2024.