GigaDrive Hosting Plans

Experience GigaDrive: High-Speed Virtual Servers with Generous Storage Space for Your Backup Needs, Enhanced by 1-Click App Integration.

GigaDrive Features

100+ Installable Apps

Nowhere else will you find managed services with our level of applications. As of now we support 100+ one-click installable applications such as JDownloader, Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, Firefox, Pydio, Pyload, NextCloud, Rclone, Syncthing, OpenVPN, ZNC, WinRAR, MKVToolNix, MKVCleaver, Calibre, Code-Server, and the the list is ever-growing.

Secure Access

You can access your files through HTTP,  HTTPS,  FTP,  SFTP,  WebDAV  *.  You also get root equivalent access (i.e sudo access) to *SSH terminal.

* WebDAV access requires nextcloud installation.
* Accessing SSH requires the installation of the OpenSSH application, and its availability is contingent upon the hosting plan. Please consult our application availability chart for further details.

Root Equivalent Access

GigaDrive supports root-equivalent access via sudo, using which you can perform most tasks that requires root such as installing extra applications via OS specific package manager. However, you cannot install docker/systemd or any hypervisor. As an alternative to systemd, you may use supervisord.

GigaDrive Dashboard

With our easy to use gigadrive control panel, you can easily access, monitor, install, uninstall & fully control all your applications. You can also track your disk space usage, other resource usage and lot more.

Mobile & Desktop Apps

You can control your gigadrive easily through mobile apps such as Transdroid,  nzb360 and Desktop Apps (Electorrent). Personalized configuration guide is readily available on the control panel.

Instant Activation

All our gigadrive plans are activated instantly on after payment, so you get instant access.