Frequently Asked Questions


GigaCloudTransfer is a Web based App that allows you to transfer files between different cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, FTP server etc without using your own data connection or without installing any app on your PC. GigaCloudTransfer also acts as an Online Download Manager, with the help of this web application you can transfer files faster from any server to your PC at maximum speed. Additionally you can perform various operation on your files like split, join, compress/decompress files (using zip/rar), generate thumbnails from your video files. We also have many dedicated plugins that helps you to download several files at once from file servers which requires you to login without entering your login details every time.

GigaSeedbox is a managed application hosting platform. We support over 60+ popular applications that can installed and configured with just a single click. It can be also used as a seedbox. With GigaSeedbox you get the benefits of self-hosting without having to worry about potential hardware failures and troubleshooting, nor managing the security, tuning, and updates of the operating system.


All your data including billing information and the data stored on your server is 100% secure.

We release new features as well as feature improvements quarterly/monthly. GigaSeedbox is made up of several third party open-source apps, hence we implement the new features as soon as third-party developers make those features available.


We currently do not offer any free plan, however we offer trial products from time to time.
We currently accept Paypal, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Netbanking. We also have few resellers supporting many other local payment options.


Our servers are located in the Netherlands (Hosted by Leaseweb).
We support over 60+ one-click applications. You can find the application list on the applications page.
We offer sudo access, using which you can perform most tasks that requires root such as installing extra applications via package manager. Please note that abusing server resources is prohibited.
We do not do any unnecessary logging.
Currently, we do not have throttling capability implemented. Hence, your account will be paused once you exceed your bandwidth allocation. However, you can request small amount of extra bandwidth for free just by opening a support ticket.
Currently, downloads via HTTP/FTP is an exception. All other traffic is counted towards your quota.
Yes, you can purchase one-time bandwidth upgrade for your current month.
You can find this information on the pricing page under storage.
No, we do not allow public website hosting. However, you can run web server(nginx, apache etc) application via SSH for development/testing purpose only.