Frequently Asked Questions


GigaDrive is a SaaS service (i.e a managed application hosting platform) featuring high-speed virtual servers for running your favourite applications 24/7/365. It consists of a virtual server and a feature-rich dashboard (i.e web user interface), that helps the user to deploy various general-purpose applications to the remote server in just one click without having any server-side technical skills. These virtual servers are usually connected to high speed internet connection ranging from 1 Gbps (125MB/s) to 10 Gbps (1250MB/s).

Common use cases include the following -

  • Dedicated media server (Using plex, jellyfin, etc.)
  • Personal cloud storage/backup server (Using Nextcloud, Pydio, etc.)
  • Video/Audio conversion/manipulation (Using Handbrake/MkvToolnix, etc)
  • Personal Ebook server (Using calibre)
  • Personal VPN server (Using OpenVPN/Wireguard)
  • Cloud File Download Manager (Using Jdownloader 2)
  • Upload large files to various cloud storage providers (Using ZoomUploader/Rclone/Firefox)
  • And much more.

Our SaaS service is based on modern container technology instead of hypervisors like KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, etc., which are used to create a completely Isolated VPS.

GigaTransfer is a Web based App that allows you to transfer files between different cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, FTP server etc without using your own data connection or without installing any app on your PC. GigaTransfer also acts as an Online Download Manager, with the help of this web application you can transfer files faster from any server to your PC at maximum speed. Additionally you can perform various operation on your files like split, join, compress/decompress files (using zip/rar), generate thumbnails from your video files. We also have many dedicated plugins that helps you to download several files at once from file servers which requires you to login without entering your login details every time.


All your data including billing information and the data stored on your server is 100% secure.

We regularly release new features and enhancements on a quarterly or monthly basis. GigaDrive provides support for the installation of various third-party open-source apps through its web hosting control panel. We diligently update these apps as soon as stable versions are made available by their respective developers.

Sure, contact us via email or support ticket or drop a message on our discord channel.


We currently do not offer any free plan, however we offer trial products from time to time.
We currently accept Paypal, Credit/Debit Card, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Monero, Netbanking/UPI/Wallet.


Our shared hosting servers are primarily located in the Netherlands. Additionally, we provide dedicated servers across multiple locations, including France, Germany, and other regions.
We provide support over 100+ one-click installable applications. You can find the application list on the applications page.
We offer sudo access, using which you can perform most tasks that requires root such as installing extra applications via package manager. Please note that abusing server resources is prohibited.
Accessing SSH requires the installation of the OpenSSH application, and its availability is contingent upon the hosting plan. Please consult our application availability chart for further details.
After you have exhausted your traffic quota, your upload speed and/or download speed will be reduced until your next traffic reset date. Kindly check out documentation site for more information.
Currently, downloads via HTTP/FTP is an exception. All other traffic is counted towards your quota.
Yes, you can purchase one-time bandwidth upgrade for your current month.
At the moment, our hosting control panel does not offer one-click web server (nginx, apache, etc) installation. As a result, you will need to manually install and configure a web server application like Nginx or Apache using SSH access. We kindly request that you refrain from running a file hosting website as it is not permitted on our platform.