GigaCloudTransfer is a Web based App that allows you to transfer files between different cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, FTP server etc without using your own data connection or without installing any app on your PC. Refer To FAQ For More Information.

High Speed Server

Our servers are powered by powerful Intel Xeon servers located in certified Netherlands datacenter, with fast 1GB network port

Disk Space

All our plans comes with lot of disk space and SATA3 drives which have higher IO throughput than normal drives and boosts your performance

Instant Activation

All our products comes with instant activation features,your product will be ready instantly after payment.

Account Manager

With our account manager you can save your own login credentials of clouddrive accounts for using in download/upload. Unlike other providers, it is completely safe to use our account manager, since all your accounts are encrypted and securely stored into database.

Video Thumnailer

You can easily take images and screenshots of your video files using mtn.You can also preset your mtn to upload generated images to an preselected imagehost with one-click.


You can easily get technical information of your audio and video files with using mediainfo.

File Manager

Filemanager features all the tools you need to manage your files efficiently. You can do ftp upload, create zip/rar/unrar/tar archives,change md5 hash etc through it.


With our automation tools like auto download,autoupload you can set multiple files in queue to be downloaded/uploaded.


Multidownload tool lets you download multiple files at a time, this saves your valuable time.

DLC Decrypter

You can extract encrypted download links from dlc container with this tool.


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