Bare Metal Dedicated Servers in Finland

Experience Peak Performance: Explore Our Bare Metal Dedicated Server Plans Hosted in Finland!

Dedicated Server Features

Unmetered Traffic

Say goodbye to data caps as you revel in seamless connectivity, regardless of data usage. Streamline your online operations, whether it's handling high-traffic websites or data-intensive applications. With unmetered traffic, the only limit is your ambition.

99.9% Uptime

Embrace flawless network and server performance with our robust 99.9% uptime assurance. In the unlikely event of unexpected issues, count on swift resolution and compensation, reaffirming the value of your investment.

Root Access

Empower yourself on our dedicated servers, equipped with complete root access. Enjoy unrestricted control to modify files, install software, and manage accounts effortlessly. Your dedicated server, your rules – seize total control now.

* Limited root access will be provided if you opt for gigadrive installation.

Flexible OS Choices

Experience the freedom to choose from a wide spectrum of operating systems for your dedicated servers. Whether you require Windows, various flavours of Linux, or other specialized options, our extensive OS support ensures that you can tailor your server environment to perfectly suit your needs.

Premium Add-ons at No Extra Cost

Experience the added value of GigaDrive, our exclusive application management system, with a free installation. We also provide installation support for third-party app management systems like Quickbox. Elevate your experience through seamless and instant app deployment.

Enhance Flexibility with Additional IP

Every dedicated server in our lineup comes with a pre-configured static IPv4 address. For unparalleled flexibility, our offerings can also seamlessly integrate with Additional IP. These IP addresses can be effortlessly shifted between servers, and they're available in two distinct formats: Individual address (/32) and IP address block (up to /24).